Chamber Music

Lament for Eight Cellos (6′ 00″)

Lament for Eight Cellos is a cello octet built out of sad, descending scales.  The piece incorporates both consonant and dissonant harmonies, though a clear key center pervades the entire piece.  It begins and ends with a peaceful homophonic progression, while overlapping lines of counterpoint propel the core of the piece. Lament for Eight Cellos was composed in February of 1996 and revised in 2012.

Performances: Lament for Eight Cellos was first performed at the Eastman School of Music in 1996. Following revisions to the piece in 2012, Lament for Eight Cellos has been performed by Cello Ensemble at Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga in Spain and the Cello Choir at California State University Fullerton.

Recordings: The premiere recording was performed by cellist Laszlo Mezo and is available on iTunes.

Cancer the Crab (1′ 00″)

Cancer the Crab is a quirky trio for violin, clarinet and piano.  Cancer the Crab is the opening movement of a 12-piece, 12-composer collection depicting the zodiac.

Performances: Cancer the Crab premiered by the Zodiac Trio while touring Asia. They perform the piece on an ongoing basis.

Recordings: The premiere recording was released by the Zodiac Trio in and is available on iTunes.

“Quite engaging.” – Robert Cummings,

Hondidldo and the Apple Thief (15′ 00″)

Hondidldo and the Apple Thief is a piece for violin, piano, and narrator that tells the story of a farmer, his son, and a mischievous apple thief. The piece utilizes rural melodies in an accessible harmonic language to depict the Austrian folk tale.  Hondidldo and the Apple Thief, composed in March of 2009, was commissioned by the chamber ensemble Talespin and is performed regularly in Vienna.

Performances: Hondidldo and the Apple Thief was premiered in Vienna on February 16, 2011. Upcoming performances by the chamber group Talespin are detailed on their website.

Recordings: Hondidldo and the Apple Thief was first recorded by Talespin and is available as an eBook on iTunes.

Concrete Scream (4′ 08″) 

Below is a collage of sound effects created within CSound.  Titled “Concrete Scream”, this piece is likely best described as part of the Musique Concrète genre.