Large Ensemble Music

Symphony No. 1  (30′ 00″)

Cast across five movements, Symphony No. 1 depicts a transformation from ominous darkness to joyful euphoria.  Along the journey, the music progresses through a variety of structures and musical languages, from dissonant and fragmented to overtly tonal and melodic.

The following audio files include the work in its entirety, lasting 30 minutes across five movements.

Fantasy for Strings (4′ 00″)

Fantasy for Strings is a short overture for string orchestra. Written in sonata form using a single theme, Fantasy for Strings progresses through an ethereal introduction, playful main section and dramatic climax before dissipating to a graceful and fragile conclusion. Fantasy for Strings was commissioned by the Highland Park String Orchestra and won the Original Works award at the 2015 Orchestra Cup.

Performances: Fantasy for Strings was premiered on March 17, 2015 at Lincoln Center by the Highland Park Orchestra at the 2015 Orchestra Cup.

Heat (10′ 00″)

Heat is a forceful overture that musically depicts multiple forms of energy.   The piece begins with a forceful blast, subsides to simmering anticipation, and ultimately returns to an inevitable and conclusive inferno.  While moving quickly around the orchestra, Heat reinvents a variety of modern harmonies in a tonal context. Heat won the Howard Hanson Award from the Eastman School of Music.

Performances: Heat was premiered by the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra in 1998 and performed by the William and Mary Symphony Orchestra in 2003.

Audio excerpts (5′ 00″):